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On average, our clients see a 57% decrease in their monthly payments!

  • No up-front payments.
  • Average result is a 57% decrease in monthly payments!
  • Get immediate debt relief and protection from your creditors.

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Why Choose Debtsafe?

  • Personal service from a dedicated counsellor.
  • We'll tell you up-front whether we can help you or not.
  • Debtsafe is the only debt counselling company that can provide one-on-one contact across the country.
  • No up-front payments.
  • We've helped over 5,000+ people.
  • Get immediate protection.

What Can I Expect?

  • A registered debt counsellor will review and restructure your credit obligations to an affordable level.
  • The debt review process will result in a court order which will protect you from your creditors.
  • Debt review will reduce your monthly installments by up to 60%. Our customers' average a 57% decrease in monthly payments!

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The National Credit Act prescribes Debt Counselling as a legal remedy for over indebtedness. This takes into account all accounts on a consumers name, and looks at his/her credit profile holistically. Debt Counselling offers immediate protection, and allows the consumer to keep his/her assets. DebtSafe's debt counsellors are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to offer Debt Counselling Services under the law. DebtSafe fees are as follows (and according to the NCR guidelines). Reestructuring fee of an amount equal to the first reduced installment limited to a maximum amount of R6 000 plus VAT, payable from the first installment paid by the consumer. An after-care fee of an amount equal to 5% of the monthly reduced instalment, limited to R400 plus VAT for the first 24 months, thereafter 3% limited to R400 plus VAT.